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Blame Canada

Interview with Friends of the Earth Canada member about her country's role at COP17

by Tim McSorley

Blame Canada

Canada continues to face criticism at the COP17. On Friday, it won another Fossil of the Day award for Environment Minister Peter Kent's statement that the fossils awarded to Canada this week came from the 'uninformed' and the 'ideologically driven.'

According to organisers of the awards, though, "Kent is one of the most 'uninformed' Environment Ministers in the world. Rather than acknowledge its historical responsibility for climate change and work with other nations towards finding solutions, Canada seems to be ideologically driven to put polluters before people and profit before a healthy planet."

Many Canadian activists are in Durban to make this exact point. Theresa Turner of Friends of the Earth Canada speaks about Canada's role and the criticism being leveled at it by other countries.

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Topics: Environment
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  Go screw yourself tree


Go screw yourself tree huggers. Canada is not changing the climate. It would change even if there were no people on the planet.

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