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This Giving Tuesday, Standing Rock Is The Obvious Choice

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Winter setting in. Photo: Sacred Stone Camp
Winter setting in. Photo: Sacred Stone Camp
Give money. Give time. Make phone calls. Protest the President, the banks, the police. Follow along. Like. Share. It can help.
There are of course other worthy causes getting less attention (some discussed later here), but this moment at Standing Rock is huge. 
The US Army Corps of Engineers recently announced plans that on December 5th it will "close" the lands around Standing Rock, North Dakota, where an Indigenous resistance has been blocking the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, DAPL. The move may cut off supplies to the camp, and possibly set the stage for the militarized police to make a massive, violent eviction.
Snow has been falling and winterization of the site is ongoing. Defenders are digging in for the long haul; read Sacred Stone Camp's response letter to the Army Corps
The pipeline company and the police, under the Obama administration, are continuing a 500-year legacy of genocide, broken treaties, and land theft.
A victory here and now, with so many Indigenous nations (and police forces) coming together, stopping this pipeline would be major.
Cash alone won't win the fight, but it can help. So, this 'Giving Tuesday' give thanks for land and water defenders on Turtle Island (North America) by moving money. Here are some options I've heard good things about.
Unicorn Riot (independent media)
Or search #noDAPL on any search engine or social media platform to get started.
Sacred Stone Camp has also called for a a widespread month of action throughout December.
Meanwhile, in 'Canada'*, many land defence struggles similar to Standing Rock are ongoing, and need financial support. A few examples:
Gold mining all over the Yukon and Northwest Territories
And many, many more.
Get involved how you can to support and show gratitude for those who have been protecting these lands for countless generations.
*Quotation marks are used around 'Canada' because the organization known as Canada and claims all the lands on the maps as under its jurisdiction, but this is in many cases not what was negotiated in settler-Indigenous treaties, and in many other cases the lands were never ceded at all by Indigenous peoples. Therefore the claim that I am 'in Canada' is one interpretation of history (ie. the widely accepted colonial interpretation), but that view deserves questioning and interrogation.  

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