Special Issue 2011: What do you want covered?

Oct 20, 2010

Special Issue 2011: What do you want covered?

Have you ever dreamed of setting the agenda at a national news outlet?

Ever bemoaned the fact the mainstream press - or even independent media - don't dig far enough into that one topic you think more folks need to know about?

Well here's your chance: We've launched a call for proposals for the next special issue of The Dominion.

Every year the Media Co-op publishes one special issue of The Dominion, delving deep into one particular topic or theme.

In our quest to open up to more and more involvement and input, this year we're asking you to submit proposals about what the next special issue should cover (due out in March 2011)

Here's how it works:

Simple as that! The deadline to submit a proposal is Nov. 1st at midnight. Proposals that meet the criteria will then be posted for public feedback until mid-November. That's when, based on the feedback from the public and the quality of the proposals, we'll select what topic to tackle.

So put your thinking caps on, and spread the word. We're looking forward to seeing what you want covered!