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Core costs of running a news cooperative


Having paid staff means that countless little things at the Media Co-op get done. Staff update web pages, sift and delete spam, represent the Co-op at events, keep the books, balance accounts, respond to emails, co-ordinate volunteers, produce a print publication, manage subscriptions and communicate with members. Having part-time editors maintains a level of quality and style in the articles published in The Dominion. Editors help less experienced writers improve their work and access a larger audience. (Currently, Media Co-op paid staff are based in Montreal, Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver.)

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Budget and Funding


It's always a difficulty, obtaining funding.  When you struggle for poor people, you're going to have trouble getting getting donations.  Those who advocate for the wealthy do better. (;-))

Some sort of a budget, in our economy, is necessary, but out real power can come from the things that don't cost money and that the masters of our society at large won't expect.  If we use money to fight a class war, then we are going in unarmed against a heavily armed opponent.

What we have to our advantage is community.  We should also pay attention to building community and providing for the less fortunate not by giving them money, but by working together with them to grow food, make clothes, and build shelters for the homeless.  It's a bonding process that joins us spiritually and that is a real thing.  Money is merely artificial.


Top priority


Without sufficient funds to cover the basics of keeping the Media Co-op going, like minimal pay to the part-time editorial collective staff, it's hard to envision the other options/areas/activities happening in an organized, effective way -- or even at all, in some cases. A+ to core costs as the top priority.

this one is crucial - no one


this one is crucial - no one but our members can fund our core costs. any grants we've been able to secure have been for side projects. we are a bare bones / skeleton crew and this core funding pretty much makes it all possible.


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