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Starting new Locals

New Locals benefit their communities, and ultimately they benefit the Media Co-op. Starting new Locals stretches the resources of the Media Co-op in terms of staff time, technical support and the unique needs and challenges particular to each community.

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New locals shouldn't be


New locals shouldn't be started until current locals are sustainable. 

Care to offer a definition of "sustainable"?

Because that could mean anywhere between 6 months and 10 years.

One per year


The local co-ops are an essential element in the bigger co-op and Dominion picture.

I would like to see, when there is an interest from one or more communities, to see at least one new co-op per year added to the Dominion News Cooperative (The Dominion). It is essential for both public perception and member spirit to see growth and strengthening numbers and, through them, stories told. To be national requires the input from a nation.

While funding for the nuts and bolts of the co-op should be a local concern, there needs to be investment from The Dominion in terms of sending a paid representative to help the start-up. New co-ops must be founded on a solid business plan with a desired goal of being both self-sustainable and a contributor to the national membership in both content and resources.

This is how we can build a truly national grassroots media.

On this front, aside from the annual membership drive, a second national tour to promote The Dominion may have greater results this time around and plant the seeds for new locals.

Money vs. Effort


I don't think that a lot of financial resources need to be dedicated to this in 2010, but I do believe that starting new locals is going to be an important way to keep the Media Co-op, and our capacity, growing.

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