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North of Canada


The current perceived need to develop the North as quickly as possible, to extract all resources while unsettled treaty claims still exist, the mackenzie gas pipeline, off shore drilling in the beaufort sea, the northern passage no longer being frozen, international interests in the high arctic waterways, CanNor initiatives, Taltson Hydro Expansion, climate change, food security, changes to the environmental regulatory regime, devolution, missing caribou herds, caribou hunting bans, transboundary mega-uranium open pit mining projects, protecting the thelon, protecting the peel river watershed, protecting Tsan'kui Theda, protecting the watersheds in the north from the tar sands poison, northern social issues like poverty, etc.

I live in the "NWT" but I think this special issue should cover all of the northern territories like Yukon transboundary issues with Alaska, NWT, Nunavut and maybe some of the northern areas of provinces


why is the current federal government so interested in developing the north, for who's benefit? canada or foreign interests most likely... and how exactly are the people of the north benefiting from all of this new found interest?  not at all, as most of the benefit goes to industry, etc.  what will the people of the north be left with, already we are watching/monitoring as our caribou herds have disappeared, will all of our land, water, wildlife and traditional, cultural ways of life be destroyed forever?

Sample headlines:

1. Devolution  2.  Protecting the North for the North (and the rest of the world) 3.  some kind of map with all the activity going on past, current, future  4. Transboundary Issues  and whatever else really, there are so many things to speak about regarding the North

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Support & committment


I support the initiative as it is so far.

I am also feeling enthusiastic regarding the replies as well.

I am from Edmonton. (great place to be from) and have family all over nothern Alberta, etc, who are Cree.

I would be willing to put my energy into this initiative.

Tami Starlight - Vancouver Media Coop (collective).

of the current possibilities,

of the current possibilities, i like this idea. perhaps it could include a report on how the climate is changing around northern dwelling people - so i hear - which might tie into the climate justice suggestion a bit as well. 

Huge fan of this idea


This has my vote.


In the North

I like the idea. I think a dedicated issue for the north is warranted. There are just too many issues happening up here to ignore. Resources being extracted, lands being polluted and wildlife being displaced at the expenses of making investors rich, is a major problem in the north. The north has a lot to offer but being a last frontier, developers and investors have to understand that they are visitors and have to respect the laws of the people who live in the north. The more we reach people and educate them about the north, the better....marsi-cho.

no problem with the northern network

While Dominion might not have the network, us northerners sure do, and it would be a fairly easy task to assemble a formidable selection of contributors in a short span of time - I can think of at least ten people who are experienced writers that would likely be pleased to get involved with such an issue. Lots of talent up here, and lots of issues to write about!

Big fan...


...of this idea. The more I think about it, the more I realize it needs to be done.

I agree with the proposal to set up a working group about the north, to start the work of building contacts for a special issue on the north.

Two really good people to start talking to are Stephanie Poole (who proposed doing this issue) and Peter Kulchyski.

It would also make sense to cultivate contacts in Northern Ontario, Nunavik, Cree territory in Quebec, and Labrador, as well as NWT/Denendeh and Nunavut.

working group

Maybe after the voting/commenting period is over, one of the editors (because y'all can access commenters' emails) could send a group msg to all the North special issue enthusiasts to get the ball rolling? I'm sure we could come up with a short call-out to post on the MediaCoop & email around in search of more ppl & contacts up north, & figure out how to work on it together, etc...

Oh, and uh, the Yukon's cool too, ya know.  ;)

Working towards a future North special issue


This is also my first choice by far. I agree with many of 'jcmcnch' and Stefan's comments, especially concerning the potential for a special issue on the North to be ground-breaking and have a broader appeal than many other topics.

However, Spring 2011 isn't very far away, and several of the editors have commented that the Dominion doesn't have the networks to make this happen right now in terms of writers, distribution, etc, while at the same time hoping that this can develop in the future.

So I just wanted to throw out the idea of forming a working group to start now/soon to work on making this happen in the future in a concrete way, perhaps as the special issue *after* the Spring 2011 one. Between the person who proposed the issue and some of us who feel strongly about it, with more time we could work to develop contacts and networks with folks up North and then put together an awesome issue.

- Sandra

north special issue ground breaking.


think that many of the subjects proposed for a special issue are clearly important, however having a special issue focusing on the 'north' would be ground breaking. even within the major media institutions there hasn't been a systematic, critical feature on Canada's north that expands both knowledge and political debate on the issue. think that Dominion making this choice would be another step in the direction of establishing the Dominion as a ground breaking publication, which it already is, but having a 'north' feature would future solidify this point. -- Stefan, in Montreal.

My top choice


For me, the North speaks loudest to me of all the options, because I think a lot more can be done with a concrete topic like this than with more abstract ones such as Climate Justice or Canadian democracy. Not that we shouldn't be talking about climate change or politics, but to focus it in such a narrow way I think will lead to articles that are vague and only repetitive for the sort of folks already engaged in alternative media.

The north, by contrast, has a huge psychic appeal for most Canadians, and is in the news these days for a number of reasons - political, economic, environmental, and we would do well to cover the other topics listed (climate justice, puppetmasters, democracy) but I think it could be done in a more interesting way if the North was the focus. I think the complete lack of knowledge that myself and many other Canadians have about this vast area of land gives a lot of room for interesting reporting which could make this issue really unique and appeal to a broader audience - not just the usual crowd of activists. 

I disagree with the previous commenter - I think it would be unlikely that we couldn't find people or stories - I know several people who have gone to the Yukon and Nunavut for work, and I'm sure many of you know someone who's gone to Fort McMurray. I agree that an issue on such a complex topic would be difficult, but I think the Media Co-op should be challenging itself. I've noticed an improvement in the last few issues in terms of the quality of the pieces produced, and I think it's important to try and bring the reporting to a new level, which is something I think this topic would do.

In my heart


In my heart, this is my first pick. I think that the North is something that we will continue to ignore before it is too late, when we end up with a Deep Horizon like spill, or mass extinction of wildlife and the indigenous cultures of the north, or the forced migration of all the northern populations. The rhetoric around protecting the North is sickening, since it is all about military ambitions and geopolitical manoeuvring for control of resources and not for the protection of the population or the environment.

Sadly, like Hillary wrote, I don't know if we have the networks to do this issue justice right now. But I would love to see how we can start building them. Hopefuly we can work with the person who submitted this topic so that down the line this becomes more feasible.

I think this is a great idea,


I think this is a great idea, but unfortunately, I don't think the Dominion has the network up North to take this on at this point. 

I can't help but support the

I can't help but support the North of Canada idea. It has -- as others have mentioned -- immediacy, concrete stuff happening, and the potential to touch on many larger questions and themes. I think the question of networks depends on whether the Dominion wants northerners to write the majority of the articles. Finding writers might be time consuming and challenging, but finding sources shouldn't be too hard. It's been a while since I left the territories but if northern Quebec ends up being part of the coverage, I would certainly love to be of assistance.

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