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The debate we need: health care reform


As Canada’s health care costs continue to raise the question of equality and efficiency still remains. How to ensure affordable, efficient and effective health care for all is an important question many Canadians are struggling with especially with Canada’s aging population.

Sample headlines:

Canada’s current health care system: Do the costs outweigh the benefits?
Canada vs US: How does the quality of our health care compare to our privatized neighbours?
Applying the lessons learned in EU countries: How to provide equitable and efficient health care in Canada?
The debate we need: Health Care reform
Impact of the Aging population on Canada
Case study: Health care in Alberta lessons learned
Have passport will travel for medical care – Featured interviews of Canadians traveling abroad to have their medical needs met and why they did it
Healthy kids Healthy communities – looking at how head start and early years programs for children have long term positive health benefits for minimal costs
Canada’s human resource challenges: How can we overcome these obstacles?
Based on best practices what should Canada do to improve the health system and thereby the health of its citizens

Fills a media gap:

Talk of health care reform is often ignored due to fear of a “US” type health care system. It’s time to have an honest discussion about health care in Canada and how it can be reformed to meet the needs of Canada’s population.

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A commen sense approach...

For all the reports on the status of our HealthCare system like the (Vision 2020 report) what if anything has changed?  The current 4 year RN program and lack of seats for LPN's leave provinces having to recruit from other countries to fill the nursing shortage.  Training for RN's focuses too much on the theories that compliment nursing skills and not on the skills themselves.  Nurses therefore are great at counselling, managing, giving spiritual care, than knowing how to insert an IV.  Video's replace good instruction despite having thousands of dollars spent on new lab equipment, and the instructors vote for strike action when the school they work for justifies useless spending on new desks that can roll around the room.  The system behaves like a poor heiress who just can't be trusted with a sudden influx of money.  There appears to be little communication or commonality between the provinces who if they decided to work together, might accomplish more than apart.  What we definitely need is an audit of the system - Identify the waste and the holes and then get to work fixing it... The current method of scratching our heads and wondering what's broke when we're doing the same thing for the last twenty years just isn't working.

Big problem: Profit driven health care


When new drugs or techniques are introduced, it is no longer a question of health benefits vs risks, but a question of profits vs costs. The result is that potentially beneficial treatments are foregone because they are not profitable, and health research goes into me-too drugs that provide no new benefits but can turn a good profit.

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