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Canada's Puppet Masters


Who runs Canada?

We're still in the aftermath of a terrible recession that has largely disproven the political and economic mantras of the last 3 decades.  However, those mantras are still being repeated and are still informing policy.  Why have they not been debunked?

Sample headlines:

Thomas d'Aquino & John Manley & the CCCE
Peter Munk & Barrick Gold
Asper Family & Canwest
Finley, Flanigan & the Conservative Party
Mark Carney & Bank of Canada
Perrin Beatty & the Canadian Chamber of Commerce
David Collyer & Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Nancy Hughes Anthony & Canadian Bankers Association
James Irving & the Irving Family
Ivan Fecan & CTVGlobemedia
Kevin Lynch & the Privy Council Office
Mark Spiro & Crestview Public Affairs
Michael Coates, Ian Brodie & Hill and Knowlton

How it fits:

A Special issue of this magnitude could simply focus on the people calling the shots in Canada into one big issue.  Some of these people are regional players (Irving for example is an Atlantic Canada Family).  Because of the diversity of people (bankers, mining giants, politcal backers, public relations firms, lobbyists, media giants, oil execs) the artciles would focus on the people pushing Canadian policy agendas.

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Who runs Canada ?

The US. 

If proof be needed, why are Canadians soldiers dying in Afghanistan ?  Was there ever an up and down vote in our Parliament on sending our soldiers there ?  We don't control our own armed forces, ergo, we are not an independent country.  We are about to spend $16 B on F-35 jet fighters without any bidding process whatsoever.  Who benefits ?  Again, look South !  We may have the freedom to re-arrange the deck chairs on good ship Canada, but someone else is at the helm!

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