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Standing up to the global war on women


What are progressives doing to stop the war against women's equality?

Sample themes & headlines:

Violence prevention, legislative change, women's co-ops, ecofeminist action, women's agriculture, incarcerated women.

1. Women's co-ops in Zimbabwe: long-term action for survival
2. Spain's gender-balanced cabinet
3. Standing up for Canada: organizing to defeat a neoconservative agenda with a shoestring budget
4. Healing Earth with our Voices:  Singers of the Sacred Web
5. Seed saving, community gardening and community-based agriculture
6. Malalai Joya:  One woman taking back her power
7. The no more prisons movement
8. Making change, one law at a time:  (Norway?)

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war on women


I think the idea to focus on 51% of the population, the worlds poorest -women is a good idea. Because we make up 51 % of the population all of the above topics listed could be discussed/ written about from the perspective of women, indigenous issues, colonialism, poverty, democracy, healthcare, climate change, ect all have specific and different implications on women and all worthy of discussion. And also violence against women affects one in three women worldwide (thats a UN conservative figure I might add). A woman's issue would be able to focus on women and still cover a broad range of issues.

Activist Strategies - Successes and Failures


What strategies are working, which are not? To create a democratic, sustainable and equitable Canada we need more than more information, we need on the ground tactics and strategies to create the world we want to live in.

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