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Book launch: Portrait in Black and Gold - a novel by Carol Damioli

- 8:00pm
Thursday March 13 2014

Venue: College Street United Church
Address: 452 College Street
Cost: Free
Accessibility: wheelchair accessible - no barriers

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Inanna Publications launches Carol Damioli's new book, Portrait in Black and Gold! Join us for a celebratory evening including readings and refreshments.

One Italian Renaissance painter created stunning portraits of warmth and sensitivity, caught Michelangelo’s favourable attention, served the most powerful monarch of the time, and achieved international renown. But that artist fell into obscurity for one reason – she was a woman.

Carol Damioli has lived all over the world. She began as a newspaper reporter and worked in international radio and trade magazines. Her time in Italy has inspired much of her writing. Portrait in Black and Gold is her second novel.

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