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GroundWire January 29th

The Struggle of Karla Ramirez, Resistance to the Enbridge pipeline and how far will Shoal Lake's Water go?

by GroundWire ProductionCKUW news

GroundWire January 29th


GroundWire  January 29 2012Headlines:

Provincial Day of Action against “fracking” in Nova Scotia |David Parker, CKDU, Halifax, NS.

CAW workers block a locomotive  in solidarity with the lockout of  Electromotive Canada workers. | Ed Von Anderkaas, CHRW

Hunger striking migrants denied medical care at the Niagara detention centre. | Carly Forbes, audio provided by Julian Anderson

Cronyism in the BC government| Joel Barde, Vancouver, BC.



Resistance to the Enbridge pipeline as the government begins a hearing on the Northern Gateway project | Ed Von Anderkaas, CHRW, London On.

Resistance to sharing Winnipeg’s water and Sewers with neighbouring munipalities | Micheal Welch, CKUW, Winnipeg, MB.

Karla Ramirez, a whistle blower has her refugee application denied. |KP Wee, CJSF, Burnaby, BC.


Community Radio Report:

The Annual Homelessness Marathon. | Leanne Arnison and Aaron Lakoff, CKUT, Montreal, QC.

Music By: The Noble Thieves and The Crooked Brothers

Produced by: Scott Price, Micheal Welch, and Carly Forbes

Hosted by: Ify Idigbe and Jordan Poitras


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