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Occupy The Hood: Interview with Malik Rahsaan

by Tim McSorley

Occupy The Hood: Interview with Malik Rahsaan

Occupy the Hood is an initiative of Malik Rahsaan in New York and Ife Johari Uhuru in Detroit. OTH came together to respond to the lack of people of color, especially African Americans and Hispanics, at Occupy Wall Street. Rahsaan tells of how the movement was growing and that it could have an impact, but felt that it was leaving certain communities behind. Each community, whether white, blakc, Hispanic or Asian, he says, has their own ills and demands, and that if you're not present you won't be heard.

In this interview, Malik speaks about the difficulties - and successes - of divers communities coming together, the unique charactristice of one community versus the other, and his hopefulness that as the movement continues to grow that by working together American will see real change.

You can find Occupy The Hood online at on Facebook and on Twiter.

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Wondeful !

Malik Rahsaan.....your words and efforts are wonderful. 

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