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Canadian Foreign Policy Working Group

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Military, CIDA, NGOs, Embassies, Corporations: what are they really up to, and why aren't we hearing about it? This group discusses and plans coverage of Canadian foreign policy and its impacts on the ground.

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Posts in Canadian Foreign Policy

Octobre 3, 2011 • Media Co-op

Mahdi Nazemroaya-Counter narrative in Libya

» Écoutez: by Scott Price

Septembre 27, 2011 • Media Co-op

See video

Dick in Van

Septembre 20, 2011 • Vancouver Media Co-op

Israeli Foreign Minister met by Protest in Vancouver

Residents say Avigdor Lieberman "not welcome!"

» Story: by Michael - 1 Commentaires

Septembre 12, 2011 • Media Co-op

The Famine in Somalia

Stolen Food aid and Neo-Colonialism

» Écoutez: by Scott Price

Septembre 11, 2011 • Toronto Media Co-op

Ya Basta WTC

» Blog: posted by justin

Septembre 1, 2011 • Toronto Media Co-op

Advancing U.S.-Canada Economic, Energy and Security Integration

» Blog: posted by tehowe

Août 31, 2011 • Media Co-op

Libya:Peace without intervention

» Écoutez: by Scott Price

Août 30, 2011 • Media Co-op

GroundWire August 29th Edition

The Millenium Scoop and The Conservative Government's "tough on crime" agenda

Août 28, 2011 • Media Co-op

First blog post and introduction

» Blog: posted by warningshots

Août 16, 2011 • Media Co-op

Cuba and Gaza - The story of two blockades

» Blog: posted by Nino Pagliccia

Août 4, 2011 • Coop Média de Montréal

See video

Stately Dissonance (Music Video)

» Video: Watch by J Stevens

Août 2, 2011 • Media Co-op

A reply to David Frum's article in the National Post

» Blog: posted by Nino Pagliccia

Août 2, 2011 • Media Co-op

Canada Haiti Action Network (CHAN)

» Blog: posted by Travis Ross - 29 Commentaires

Juillet 27, 2011 • Vancouver Media Co-op

Open letter to the People of Norway

» Blog: posted by Roslyn Cassells

Juillet 23, 2011 • Media Co-op

May I have a side of history with that, please?

» Blog: posted by JustinL - 2 Commentaires

Juillet 19, 2011 • Vancouver Media Co-op

Activists Protest Zim Cargo Ship at Deltaport, Call for a Boycott of Israeli Shipping

Israeli-owned ship picketed at Deltaport in response to blocking of aid flotilla to Gaza

Juillet 19, 2011 • Coop Média de Montréal

Protestors Bring Taste of Senegal's People-Power to Ottawa

Senegalese-Canadians rally at embassy to denounce President Wade and demand fair elections

Juillet 18, 2011 • Media Co-op

GroundWire July 17th Edition

Missing and Murdered Women, Assisted Suicide, Young Muslim Women and Trans People, and the Freedom Flotilla

» Écoutez: by GroundWire
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