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Environment Working Group

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Pollution, extraction and pavement: what effects are they having? What forces are keeping them going? What possibilities could prevent them? This group is for discussing and planning coverage of The Environment, with a focus on Canada.

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Posts in Environment

Avril 26, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

March Against the G8 in Halifax

» 55 photos: Voir by Ron Sawlor - 2 Commentaires

Avril 25, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

Citadel G8 Street Dance Party

» 12 photos: Voir by Ron Sawlor

Avril 19, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

Peasants Day protest feeds for free

» 13 photos: Voir by Hilary Beaumont

Avril 16, 2010 • Media Co-op

Federal Judge Suspends Belo Monte Auction and Environmental License

Belo Monte Dam in Brazil suspended

Avril 12, 2010 • Toronto Media Co-op

Photos from April 7th Grassy Narrows Protest

» 7 photos: Voir by Martin Reis

Avril 12, 2010 • Media Co-op

An Open Letter to the Liberal Party of Canada Re: Bill C-311

» Blog: posted by Cameron Fenton

Avril 12, 2010 • Media Co-op

Grassy Narrows River Run

» Video: Watch by Allan Lissner

Avril 5, 2010 • Media Co-op

Petroeum Embargo? Remember Hybrids grounded but EVs OK

» Blog: posted by TG

Avril 2, 2010 • Media Co-op

RBC: Fossil Fool of the Year 2010

» Video: Watch by Allan Lissner

Avril 1, 2010 • Media Co-op

Montreal Bike Bloc Rides into the Eastern Petroleum Apocalypse

Using clean, green, people power to fight back against the Trailbreaker Tar Sands Expansion Project

» Story: by Cameron Fenton

mars 29, 2010 • Media Co-op

Someone Else's Treasure - Guatemala

» Video: Watch by Allan Lissner

mars 26, 2010 • Media Co-op

Tsilhqot'in people against Taseko Mines

Interview with Cecil Grinder at the rally in Williams Lake March 22nd 2010

» Écoutez: by Vancouver Media Co-op

mars 17, 2010 • Media Co-op

Big Sky Freedom - Anarcho-Pacifism in Vancouver

» Blog: posted by matthew

mars 17, 2010 • Media Co-op

The March day of action against the tar sands

» Blog: posted by CCJN

mars 1, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

Halifax Petitions for a Bike Corridor

Advocacy group proposes a connected north-south route for cyclists

» Download audio file

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» Écoutez: by Erica Butler
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