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Anonymous London Ontario - Post Million Mask March Statement

Anonymous London Ontario - Marker Mayhem

by Anonymous London Ontario

Marble Pillar at City Hall in London Ontario (Nov 9, 2014)
Marble Pillar at City Hall in London Ontario (Nov 9, 2014)

Anonymous London Ontario promoted a peaceful march and did not encourage vandalism. Although some may see the graffiti that was done in marker at City Hall as nothing more than vandalism, we would encourage people to understand the worldview of those that feel so disenfranchised they would resort to such tactics. Well intentioned and driven by passion for positive change, it’s not without some regret. However, in perspective, the damage caused by a marker is not-at-all comparable to the damage caused by corporations enabled by politicians. Focusing on a bit of graffiti while ignoring the social and environmental crimes of governments and big-business, is far more irresponsible. Our critics will talk about material damages, while we speak about human life.

Three people were arrested at City Hall following the Million Mask March. One has been charged with Mischief under $5,000. London Police Services are using resources for an ongoing investigation in an effort to charge the other two individuals, and maybe more, we cannot know. Police are actively trying to obtain video footage recorded by march participants.

The graffiti for which the three were arrested was washed off as easily as chalk by 9:30PM the night of the march. It did not cost the city $1,000 to remove the black marker from the wall as reported. Regardless, police will spend far more tax dollars pursuing their investigation. The absurdity of this investigation and the charges should be recognized. This is not about stopping vandalism; it’s an attempt to silence dissent.

We are not surprised by the confusion and dismay at our spectacle. We expect the eye-rolling and wounded indignation at anyone who's perceived as primitive or presumptuous enough to still believe in something, to affirm anything positive at all. We see it is taken for granted that manipulating the masses, restriction of public liberties and the complete sovereignty of a wide array of police forces are appropriate ways to ensure democracy, freedom and civilization.

We recognize that when dissent is stifled it will manifest in many ways. Many see it as futile to legally protest the complete implosion of the legal framework. So, we stand together with those arrested by LPS on November 5th at City Hall.  The youth are becoming aware of the bleak outlook for them, and have lost faith in the available political institutions. It should be no shock they vent their frustrations at authority figures. This is just a glimpse of what is in store for those in power.

SOLIDARITY with All Political Prisoners!

Anonymous London Omtario 


Million Mask March Clip:

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