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Media Co-op Annual General Meeting 2017: Sunday December 10th, 2 pm CST

by Media Co-op Board of Directors

Media Co-op Annual General Meeting 2017: Sunday December 10th, 2 pm CST

The Media Co-op will be holding its annual general meeting (AGM) on Sunday December 10th at 2:00pm CST, and you're invited!

Most Board of Director positions for this nationwide organization will be open for election, so if you want to be an editor rep, a reader rep or a local rep, now's your chance. The Board of Directors steer the organization (making financial and strategy decisions) and set policy for the Co-op. 

To learn more, check out these links to Media Co-op's bylaws, its structure, and current board of directors.

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Media Co-op Annual General Meeting 2017

What: A nationwide meeting where our readers get to set the agenda, elect representatives to the Board of Directors (or run for it themselves!), give feedback and engage in visioning the future of the Co-op.
When: Sunday December 10, 2 pm CST
Where: Regina, Treaty 4 Territory Saskatchewan, (exact location to be announced shortly) and by teleconference. Instructions to come.

1) Motions: If there is something you'd like to have discussed during the AGM, email us at with the subject line "Proposed AGM Agenda Item." The deadline to send in agenda items is December 3rd.

2) Nominations to the board: If you'd like to run for the board, or if you'd like to nominate someone, send an email to with a ~250 word bio and headshot of the person you would like to nominate, with the subject line "Board Representative Nomination." This bio will be posted on our website for 7 days before the AGM and will help members make informed voting decisions. Nominees must be eligible members of the Media Co-op. The deadline for nominations is December 3rd and the following positions are open:

Toronto Media Co-op rep
Halifax Media Co-op rep (please contact us before making nominations to this position)
Vancouver Media Co-op rep
Editor rep (1 position)
Contributor rep
Reader rep

3) Voting: During the AGM, you'll be able to vote by secret electronic ballot on motions and representative elections. Voting process will be be explained during the meeting for those who attend (either electronically or in person) and the results will be publicized on our website and on social media.

4) Questions? Don't hesitate to email us at

Keep an eye out for more posts in coming weeks with context and documents to help understand what's happening at the Media Co-op and what will be discussed at this annual general meeting.

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