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Being pursued and berated

on the street

by Karen Dawe





I am being stalked by the Belleville security CCTV and by their counterparts and I am not really clear o their location whch they use to identify the bills that they use and or the CCTV film. I believe it must be   owned by a Canadian Journalist that stays hidden that monitors the CCTV. Also, I am not clear on the media messaging that agrees to override my individual charter rights. The CCTV is a partnership of the bank and police however the geographical location for grabbing and misusing Ontario Disability laws F.Charter 31 and replacing it with sound bites and illegal filming is the most pressing of issues at the moment. When arrived in Belleville Ontario I had planned to move for about four years before that and I did have a short stay in a shelter here in Belleville, Ontario. 

The shelter is now skimming off of the private rental market and threatening me with payment for an insurance clause and or a banking clause that is being used by the Children's aid investigator and their lawyer that works out of three sixty three Dundas Street.  One lawyer or two I lost count a long time age. The CAS lawyer is well known at the court and has her workers enter into private contracting with specific housing units and metimes CALC then they attack civil process to again attack their new breed of people called, by their standards street people." 

The civil procedure is still at large a suseptible itself process that realy never defines the law behind it or or the ordinance however the civil disruptive methods are then chosen in secret trials in the courts and the street people are kept hidden in jails, added to dockets and the courts without their rights being met. Their need to be housed.

I did originally do a three part series of the homeless in answer to the law. It was a film that was eventually confiscated and I was arrested at that time by the police.

End of Story.


Karen J. Dawe

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Topics: Sexuality

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