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Summary of Sept. 5, 2012 board meeting

These are not official minutes, but a summary of the meeting to keep members informed of what's going on. We hope to get more information flowing from all over the network in the future. --Dru

Notes from the Media Co-op board meeting of September 5, 2012:
Editor Reps: Dru Oja Jay, Tim McSorley, Moira Peters
Contributor Rep: Dawn Paley
Reader Rep: Sharmeen Khan
Annual General Meeting
The board discussed plans for the AGM of Tuesday, September 25th at 6pm EST. Topics included: what tech to use, which board members are up for reelection (Dawn and Moira are outgoing).
Tasks: board nominations, AGM notice, review drafts of amendements, prepare budget, send budget to members, prepare annual report, determine contributor members list, prepare tech for AGM, make a checklist for local meetups
Board binder
We're facing a major transition of board members as well as a big expansion in the number of positions. For incoming board members, Sharmeen will bottom line the preparation of a board binder containing notes on the role of the board. Board members will send in notes on their role and work on the board by Oct 3.
Magazines Canada
We discussed whether the board would make a decision about Magazines Canada, or what role it should have in a decision. Board members had different opinions about whether we should stay with Magazines Canada. We did a quick go around of opinions:
Sharmeen: Magazines Canada can be a good resource but we should meet with them to find out how we can be more effective.
Moira: We're not getting on the newsstands we wanna be on, and sales are lacklustre
Dru: It's important to be on newstands
Dawn: Doesn't fit with the the Media Co-op mandate to spend so much money. Focus on subscriptions, we should send packages of magazines to distros without expecting money back, and use that as a promotional method
The board agreed that the editorial collective should make the decision, and we ask them to take these concerns into account. 
Task: Sharmeen will meet with Mags Can and get feedback
Staff reviews
The board has been discussing a staff review process since the last round of hiring, which is regarded as an important part of making ongoing improvements as a work environment and as an effective organization. The board agreed to send Media Co-op employees and contractors a self-review questionnaire as a first step in the staff review process.


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