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Activists Disrupt Enbridge Northern Gateway Meeting in Edmonton

Condemn the Pipeline Company, and "Community Advisory Board" process

by Cameron Fenton

Activists Disrupt Enbridge Northern Gateway Meeting in Edmonton
Activists Disrupt Enbridge Northern Gateway Meeting in Edmonton

Edmonton – At 10:00 a.m. this morning, concerned community members from Edmonton, AB disrupted a meeting of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project’s Community Advisory Board (CAB). Organizers of the action wanted to deliver a message to industry representatives and the limited community representatives that this project was violating Indigenous rights all along its route, facilitating the expansion of the Alberta Tar Sands, and facing resistance from dozens of communities not represented on the CAB.

Organizers unfurled a banner reading “No Enbridge Pipelines” and delivered a gift basket to the CAB, including messages from frontline communities, and a copy of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples –which Canada recently endorsed. They called on the CAB to acknowledge and recognize the rights of communities along the pipeline route, and to abandon the project.

“We’re here to disrupt the meeting in Edmonton because this is the source of the Enbridge pipeline, and to let Enbridge know that they are not welcome on Indigenous and unceded territories in British Colombia and Alberta,” Dustin Johnson, an organizer with the Sierra Club Prairie Chapter and member of the Tsimshian Nation, explained. “Despite all the greenwashing and whitewashing to justify this project, communities are still against [the CAB] leaves out a lot of voices who are saying no to it.”

Enbridge considers the CAB as one of the primary parts of their commitment to “meaningful and open discussion with Aboriginals, stakeholders, communities and private landowners in BC and Alberta,” around the proposed tar sands pipeline, yet critics point out that the majority of communities along the pipeline route have refused to participate in the process.

Earlier this year, representatives from the Wet’suwet’en nation issued Enbridge a trespass notice for encroaching on their unceded traditional territories.

“Despite all their best attempts to tell the public that this project is viable, we are here to show the other side and let people know the truth – that this project will not go through” Johnson said. “There is a lot of opposition to it, and people are prepared to resist this project by any means necessary.”

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350 words


Canada & the UN Declaration

Awesome action & article! & awesome speedy posting!

I just wanted to clarify something that has been frequently misreported in all kinds of media:

Canada has NOT ratified the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Canada has given a qualified, non-binding endorsement. Ratification would entail the Declaration being passed as law in Canada, giving it equal status alongside either national legislation or the Constitution, depending on whose legal interpretation you consult. It might seem like a legal distinction or a matter of terminology, but it's a really important difference.

Just to set the record straight... But great piece!!!



the same...

Cool, thanks for editing. Makes my comment look silly now, heh. :)

Thanks. This took guts,

Thanks. This took guts, passion and good conscience. I don't know how oil industry people sleep at night, knowing full well the damage their 'projects' do to people, the immediate environment and the far reaching effects: the planet. The truth is out of the can.

Many thanks. Glad to see the

Many thanks. Glad to see the truth is out of the can. It can't be contained any longer, no matter how hard oil companies try to cover it up.

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