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Conservative Front 'Canada Family Action' Opposes Sex Work And View Gays As Mentally Ill

Right Wing Group Behind Anti-Prostitution Campaign Also Promotes Anti-Gay Campaigns

by Daniel Johnson

I came across a petition circulating around progressive facebook pages, the issue of sex work and the laws surrounding it are contentious on both the left and right, so it didn't suprise me to see the petition. 

But when I looked at the group behind the most widely circulated petition on the subject I recognized the name from a different topic, a few years ago. 

I confirmed it from their resources page: which lists, under the heading of 'Homosexuality', includes a link to NARTH, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, and a link to the church organization "Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays". 

I recall past petitions and media stories regarding human rights cases involving hate speech against the LGB community. 

However, the one good thing is that through them I learned about the public consultations on the subject of the sex work laws. They are only open until March 17, I would have thought they'd be promoted wider. Wherever you stand on the topic, I suggest you contribute to the process, and avoid signing petitions that will add to the mailing lists of groups like 'Family Action':

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