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Highly Toxic Processing Operation Moving To Saskatchewan

Fortune Minerals Admits It Will Contaminate Resevoirs.

by Daniel Johnson

After being driven out of Tsilhqot’in territory through a long campaign of protest camps, London Ontario based Fortune Minerals has gotten approvals to build a toxic minerals processing plant near Langham Saskatchewan, just outside Saskatoon. 

The Saskatchewan government slipped in their approval of the project on budget day, gauranteeing media would focus on the budget with no mention of Fortune Minerals. 

Looking at the map showing the position of proposed site in relation to Dalmeny aquifer, it is clear to see the risk involved: 

The long term effects of this project will be ecologically devastating for the area, according to Fortune Minerals own environmental impact statement. 

“The primary environmental receptor for the downward migration of contaminants from the PRSF [waste pits] is the Dalmeny Aquifer (comprised of the Upper and Lower Floral Aquifers).”

Page 40 of EIS -M2112-2840010

“No final decision has been made on the method of transportation of process residue to the PRSF [waste pits].”

Page 42 – EIS -M2112-2840010

“Using heavy equipment to place and spread process tailings may also create a risk of damaging the exposed geomembrane liner, along the slopes.”

Page 43 – EIS -M2112-2840010

“The residue [liquid waste] storage collection pond was also sized to accommodate a 1 in 50 year precipitation event.”

Page 45 EIS –M2112-2840010

One factor contributing to the decision to locate the SMPP in southern Canada was the NWT aboriginal people’s concerns about potential water quality impacts

Page 50 –M2112-2840010

“There could also be some fugitive dust emissions from the transport of the process residue to the PRSF and the placement of the residue in the containment cells.”

Page 91 EIS –M2112-2840010

In the Addendum to their environmental impact statement, their consultants at SNC Levallin stated “Potential unacceptable non-cancer and cancer risk estimates have been predicted for industrial workers exposed to arsenic.”

– Addendum to EIS September 2013

SNC Lavalin (Consultant) Report 609196. 


There is little mention of this in media outside the immediate area of Langhan Saskatchewan, or of the ongoing local protests against the project. 

There is only one more possible obstacle that could put the project on hold or stop it altogether, Corman Park Council can still stop this proposal by refusing to rezone the property, so local activists are asking people to e-mail or write letters to the RM of Corman Park, Sk.  

RM of Corman Park 
111 Pinehouse Dr.
Saskatoon, SK S7K 5W1

Phone: (306) 242-9303
Fax: (306) 242-6965

You could also contact Fortune Minerals: 

148 Fullarton Street, Suite 1600, 
London, Ontario, N6A 5P3
T: (519) 858-8188
F: (519) 858-8155




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Fortune Minerals hosts heated public meeting in Langham: More than 100 people packed town hall, CBC News, Saskatchewan,  Posted: Feb 20, 2014



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