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Support Imprisoned Comrades: Toronto G20 “Main Conspiracy Six”

Information on how to support G20 Prisoners from the Main Conspiracy Group

by Guelph ABC

Support Imprisoned Comrades: Toronto G20 “Main Conspiracy Six”

On November 22, 2011, six of our friends pled guilty to counselling charges for organizing to disrupt the Toronto G20 summit in June, 2010. On November 28, 2011, Erik Lankin, Adam Lewis and Peter Hopperton were each sentenced to 3-5.5 months in jail. Leah Henderson expects to be sentenced to 10 months on December 20, 2011. Mandy Hiscocks expects to be sentenced to 16 months on January 13. Alex Hundert expects to be sentenced to 13.5 months, date to begin TBA.

A support flyer for the “Main Conspiracy Six” facing imprisonment can be found at and is also attached to this post at the bottom.

To read the collective statement of the G20 Main Conspiracy Group, individual statements of co-defendants, and statements read to the courts, visit:

Letters to comrades in jail is encouraged, to help them stay connected to struggles and communities, and to break the isolation inherent in prisons. When writing letters, remember that they will be read by prison guards.

Please send them letters of support, let’s all make sure they feel loved and connected.

Erik Lankin / Peter Hopperton / Adam Lewis

Toronto West Detention Centre
111 Disco Rd
PO Box 4950, Rexdale ON

It is possible that folks will be moved between jails during their incarceration. We will try to keep their addresses updated on our website. You can also send letters to the address below and we will forward them.

Guelph ABC

PO Box 183

Guelph, ON

N1H 6J6

Guelph Anarchist Black Cross is providing some of the support for these comrades. We are fundraising money to facilitate meeting the everyday and immediate needs of comrades facing jail and of their support networks. Specifically, we will be putting money towards: sending letters and reading materials to those incarcerated; transportation costs for family, friends and supporters visiting them; collect phone call bills; canteen; rent money when they get out; and storage for their belongings. We need help providing funds for this material support.

Here's how to donate to the Guelph ABC G20 Support Fund:

  1. paypal: or click the button on

  1. Deposit cash to the following TD bank account: Transit # 00182, Institution # 004, Account # 00185228263.

  2. Write a cheque or money order to Guelph ABC with G20 in the memo line. Mail to the PO box below.

Check out for regular updates and more information.

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to know more about what we do, please don't hesitate to email us:

Your support and solidarity is deeply appreciated. Most importantly, keep up the struggle.

In solidarity with anarchist prisoners worldwide, and all prisoners fighting for freedom.

  • Guelph Anarchist Black Cross


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