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Ukraine Conflict Escalating

Obama Administration And Western Media Backing Neo Nazis In Ukraine

by Daniel Johnson

Western media reports from one outlet after another carried deliberately misleading headlines. 

From ABC News "Russia accuses Ukraine of 'armed mutiny' for ousting Yanukovych"   , to the UK Telegraph headline "Ukraine: Russia warns that 'armed mutiny' means new government is not legitimate", to the Washington Post's headline, "Russia cries 'mutiny' over Ukraine",  even CBC referred to 'mutiny', in the sub-headline of the article "Can Russia keep its hands off Ukraine? As EU and U.S. envoys gather in Kyiv, Moscow looks on Ukraine as an 'armed mutiny' 

If you read the English version of the statement, available on the Russian Ministry Of foreign Affairs website,, you'll see that he referred to them as 'militants' and extremists'. 

The specific word was мятежники (mjatezhniki). 

If you google translate мятежники, the first word that comes up is 'rebels' then  'rioters', then 'insurgents' then 'mutineers'. 

So western media have sunk to deliberately mis-translating a word in order to avoid discussing the issues that Russia has brought up, and the real and valid reasons Russia has given for intervention in Ukraine. Or, at least, as real and valid as any reason the US has given for intervening in other countries. 

Speaking of which, US intervention in the Ukraine has been a very long time, ongoing thing, mostly by semi-covert means with money funnelled through groups of 'mutineers', since the western press has decided to use that term to describe the Ukrainian insurgent groups.

Whatever we call them, the nature of those mutineers is what we should be thinking about.

Let's start with the money slithering it's way into those groups of mutineers from the US and the EU.

What's the US and European Union's goal in this? 

The EU is pushing an 'association agreement', in which Europe would 'loan' Ukraine money in exchange for Ukraine bringing in the same kind of 'austerity' measures the EU has forced on the rest of Europe, complete with mass giveaways of public land and infrastructure to foreign companies with nothing in return. But the 'economy' would grow, even though it would leave the people of Ukraine destitute, what's important to the major economic powers is that Ukraine have more 'economic output', and that most of that 'output' go to US and European bank accounts and as little as possible to Ukrainians. 

 Viktor Yanukovych rejected the EU austerity trap, taking Russia's offer of a $15bn bailout, so the US dusted off it's 'Orange Revolution' puppets and got the 'pro-democracy protest' media campaign started, but in the meantime it's puppets have other strings attached. 

One of the major groups now openly receiving western aid and media support is the Svaboda Party , which is led by Oleh Tyahnybok, who is one of the few Mutineers who meets with key US diplomats, and has even had personal meetings with John McCain. 

Oleh Tyahnybok was one of the Ukrainian members of parliament who presented a letter entitled "Stop The Criminal Activities Of Organized Jewry" to the Ukrainian president in 2005. The letter listed Jewish businessmen and claimed that they controlled the Ukrainian media, demanded an investigation into the activities of all Jewish people and accused the Jewish people collectively of 'genocide' through the deliberate impoverishment of the Ukrainian people. 

More importantly, for the rest of Europe, the Svaboda Party is part of the Alliance Of European National Movements, a network of far right nationalist parties scattered across Europe, including  Hungary's infamous "Jobbik" movement, France's National Front, and the British National Party. 

These groups share resources, and when foreign money gets funnelled into one of them, it spreads out to all of them through diffusion via interconnected activists. 

The US may think it's protecting it's corporate interests in the Ukraine by funding Svaboda, but by funding and promoting Svavaboda they are helping build a larger movement that could destabalize the entire European Union for decades to come. 


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