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Martin Lukacs

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mars 3 2020
The Trudeau government championed "consent," but has done everything to carefully undermine it of any meaning
juin 28 2017
A powerpoint presentation given in Kahnawake, June 2017
oct. 22 2013
Detroit organizer Charity Hicks on why a movement led by the "marginalized of the marginalized" can reset our relationship to each other and the Earth.
oct. 7 2013
Dans une lettre anonyme, un prisonnier du Centre fédéral de formation de Laval dépeint les conditions de détention qui ont poussé les détenus au Québec et au Canada à se mettre en grêve.
oct. 7 2013
The Assembly of First Nations and hundreds of chiefs capitulate to Harper’s "termination plan"
janv. 14 2013
Thoughts on Idle No More & critical infrastructure
janv. 14 2013
Current AFN negotiations with Prime Minister a Go-Nowhere approach
déc. 14 2012
Indigenous, Quebec, Canadian activists launch proposal against corporate right-wing agenda
déc. 3 2012
Ontario First Nation of Grassy Narrows Celebrates longest running logging blockades in Canada
nov. 29 2012
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