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‘Stop Harper’s Gang’ says former Senate Page in challenging Wildrose leader

‘Stop Harper’s Gang’ says former Senate Page in challenging Wildrose leader
‘Stop Harper’s Gang’ says former Senate Page in challenging Wildrose leader

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April 23, 2012

Brigette DePape, the “Rogue Page” who disrupted the federal throne speech with a “Stop Harper” sign challenged Wildrose leader Danielle Smith as she arrived to cast her ballot at a polling station in High River with a similar sign reading “Stop Harper’s Gang.”

“We know that the same people who are behind Stephen Harper’s gutting of the laws which protect the environment, his waging war on civil society groups for speaking up for Canadian values, and his absolute refusal to take action on climate change are the same gang who are behind the Wildrose,” says DePape. “If elected, the Wildrose Party and its policies – which are more radical than even the Harper government – will negatively impact the entire country.”

Last June, DePape made national headlines by holding up a sign protesting the Harper government’s agenda while she was working as a page in the Parliament of Canada shortly after they won a majority government.

DePape says that Alberta and Canada face an ecological and economic crisis, and the Harper government and Danielle Smith’s Wildrose, propped up by money from the oil industry, are choosing to spend billions of dollars to expand the tar sands, when they should be making the province and country a leader in transitioning to a green and just economy.

“Since my action in the Senate I have been meeting with youth across Canada,” says DePape. “Many young people cannot vote, and I felt compelled to share the voices of youth who will be gravely effected by Danielle Smith’s agenda, and take action to protect our future which is being severely threatened with the expansion of the tar sands and climate change.”

She called on other Albertans and Canadians to mobilize in their communities, concluding, “People from across Canada need to find creative ways to take action to expose these dangerous agendas, and to mobilize to take back control over our future and our country.”

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quite the rolling stop-sign

quite the rolling stop-sign tour eh? I'm wondering how to recognize the difference between saying "stop harper" and creating a participatory and accessible strategy to actually stop harper.

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