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Call for Submissions to Mad Pride Toronto 2013 – PLEASE SHARE WIDELY

Deadline: April 26th

by Mad Pride Toronto

Call for Submissions to Mad Pride Toronto 2013 – PLEASE SHARE WIDELY


Monday, July 8 to Sunday, July 14


Mad Pride is an arts, culture, and heritage festival created by psychiatric survivors, consumers, mad people, folks the world has labeled “mentally ill”, and those in solidarity with us.


Mad Pride is about:

•           remembering and participating in mad history

•           challenging discrimination

•           advocating for rights

•           affirming mad identities

•           developing and empowering mad communities

•           having fun! 


Our lives and contributions are valuable and need celebration!


Do you want to host a consumer/survivor-driven event, performance, talk, presentation, film, or panel discussion at Mad Pride Toronto 2013? Please let us know via our event submission form – which will be available on our website at or by calling Tina at 416 926-9762 x 245. Contact: 


Do you want to submit to our second juried Art Exhibition? We invite two dimensional, sculptural, or time-based art submissions from psychiatric survivors, consumers, and mad people. Contact: Martine at


If you are a consumer/survivor and would like to display/sell your art, crafts, buttons, t-shirts, knitting, zines, books, music, baked goods or promote your blog, website, group, network, idea, consider requesting a table at the Mad Market. Contact:


Deadline: Friday, April 26th, 2013


Do you want to get involved in making Mad Pride Toronto 2013 happen? Check out for more information on joining the Mad Pride Toronto 2013 Organizing Committee and to complete a Statement of Interest.


This information can be printed from: Brochures are available at To request an outreach presentation for your clients/organization, email

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