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Kitchener/Waterloo Residents Oppose Fur Trade

Demontrators Protest Channers & Canada Goose Inc.


KOALA protesting Canada Goose Inc. at Channers
KOALA protesting Canada Goose Inc. at Channers
KOALA protesting Fur Trade at Loop Clothing
KOALA protesting Fur Trade at Loop Clothing
KOALA discussing leg hold traps with owner of Loop Clothing
KOALA discussing leg hold traps with owner of Loop Clothing



Kitchener and Waterloo residents along with local grassroots animal rights collective KOALA (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance) held an anti-fur demonstration today Feb 8th, 2014 at Channer’s Men’s Apparel located at 95 King St. S. in Uptown Waterloo, ON.  The demonstration was held from 1-3pm and was part of a nationwide campaign called National Anti-Fur Day where 18 cities across Canada took action opposing the cruelty of the Canadian fur trade.

Channer’s had been selected because it is a large retailer of the popular Canada Goose Inc. jackets which include coyote fur trim on their hoods as well as goose feather lining. The fur trim comes from wild caught coyotes whom are captured with conibear and leg hold traps.  These traps catch coyotes and other animals (including companion animals and endangered species) by crushing the animal’s leg or paw.  Animal rights activists have documented trapped animals who have bled, froze, or starved to death while waiting to be killed by trappers.  Trapped animals also often chew of their own limbs to escape or fall prey to other predators.  Coyotes are also frequently bludgeoned to death by trappers in order not to ruin their pelt.

Demonstrators handed out informational anti-fur flyers in front of the store and the handful of shoppers who were brave enough to enter Channer’s received loud disapproval from the self-titled “all vegan boo crew.” Protestors also belted out anti-fur chants which could be heard clearly up and down King Street and drew much attention from people at the adjacent skating rink in Waterloo Square.  Many pedestrians offered their support to the protestors including several trays of free tea from David’s tea next door and free coffee from others. 

After the demonstration was over a small delegation of people headed down the street to Loop Clothing located at 13 King St. N. who is another retailer of Canada Goose Inc. jackets.   Demonstrators entered the store with anti-fur signs and had a lengthy discussion with the store’s owner about animal cruelty.  The owner argued that it was his right to sell whatever product he wanted even if animals were tortured in the process and asked everyone to leave his store.  He also took the time to step outside and offer his middle finger in support of cruelty towards animals. Demonstrators vowed to return with larger numbers “next time.”

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