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Review Revolution or War #2

by International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL)


The second  issue of the review Revolution or War is published in English, French and Spanish.  for receive it.


"Democracy" is the Working Class's Main Enemy

International Situation : towards Generalized Imperialist War ?

Ukraine, Middle East, Africa... Steps towards Generalized Imperialist War

Ukraine : A Nationalist Dead-End ! (February 2014)

The Regroupment of the Revolutionaries

Statement on the ICT and ICC Platforms (Stavros)

Public Meetings of the ICT in Canada

Critical Review of a Contribution to a Balance-sheet of the International Communist

Left (CIK)

Debate within the Proletariat Camp

Marxism is Proletarian and Revolutionary, Anarchism Has never Been...

Struggle against Opportunism

Readers' letter on the Internal Crisis of the ICC and our Public Call

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