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Revolution or War #5 February 2016

by International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL)

(Our review is also available in French and Spanish)
Economic Crisis and Wars Feed off Each Other and Announce the Class War
International Situation
Faced with Terrorism and Imperialist War, the Workers in Belgium Show the Answer
November 13th Attacks in Paris: Capitalism is Imperialist War!
Workers Struggles throughout the World
Massive Exodus on All Continents, It is our Class Brothers that Capitalism Murders
Political Game of the ruling class:
October 2015 Canadian Elections
The Longest Electoral Circus in Canadian History
Towards an Adaptation of the State Political Apparatus to the New Stakes
Debate within the Proletariat Camp
On the Development of the Imperialist Rivalries and the Revolutionaries’ Intervention
General Assembly of the PCInt – Battaglia Comunista
Correspondence with the group PostCap Collective in Russia
Critique of the Text Origin and Function of the Form Party of the journal Invariance
Struggle against Opportunism
21st Congress of the ICC: “Cultural Revival” or Announce of Liquidation?
Text of the Working Class Movement
Seize the Factory or Seize Power? (Bordiga, Il Soviet, 1920)..

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