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Biannual – February 2017

by International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL)

The Proletarians Must Respond to Trump and to All Capitalist States
International Situation
IGCL Communiqué on Trump's Election
On the US Presidential Election (Internationalist Communist Tendency)
IGCL Communique after the Berlin Attack, the Russian Ambassador's Murder and the Massacres in Aleppo
Some Quick Observations on the Events in Berlin (Internationalist Communist Tendency)
Response to the Criticisms about our Communiqués
Workers Struggles throughout the World
Is the Working Class Right Wing? (Internationalist Communist Tendency)
Debate within the Proletarian Camp
On Class Consciousness (Part 2) :the CWO and ICC Pamphlets 
Statement on the ICT text "The Role and Structure of the Revolutionary Organisation" (1978)
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