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Media Co-op Occupy!

A new platform for covering Occupy actions across Canada

by The Media Co-op

Media Co-op Occupy!


The Media Co-op has launched a platform to cover Occupy actions across Canada. 

Go to for coverage of the movement across the country and to upload stories and photos from Occupy actions in your own community.  


Tomorrow, October 15th, the movement that began with popular actions in Egypt, Greece, Spain and eventually Occupy Wall Street is coming to Canada. Across the country people will be assembling to speak out on a wide-range of issues - from government corruption to tax breaks for large corporations, from anti-war to anti-poverty actions. In the media, this movement has often been criticized for not having specific enough goals or clear leaders. But that's precisely the point: diverse voices are coming together, calling for radical changes and to create new, open spaces.

That's why we're excited to launch Media Co-op Occupy at an online platform to aggregate and disseminate information from the millions of voices expressing in their own words why they are participating in the Occupy movement. It's also crucial to acknowledge that across Canada we are living on occupied Indigenous land, and so have integrated Decolonize into the same platform. 

How does it work? Visit to view articles, videos and photos alongside feeds from other sites and live twitter content sorted by city and hashtags, including #decolonize and #occupy. 

To add your own content, you can simply tag your Twitter posts with your local hashtags (send your suggestions for additional feeds to Or to upload videos, photo essays and articles directly to the site, create an account (or make sure you are logged-in), join the group and then use the links to add your content. You can also use those same links to embed video from most video-sharing sites, or photo sets from Flickr.

Like the Occupy movement, it's a work in progress that will keep growing, so send any suggestions, questions, or bug reports to:

Launching platforms like this takes up time and resources too; to help the Media Co-op grow and  launch new projects like this, become a member today.

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The link fails, but the link opens the Occupy group on the site.

Therefore I am sharing the second one on the Quebec-Indymedia (

( May I add I can't believe that messages, such as this announcement, on the Media coop de Montreal are solely in English. Personally, I would like the and MediaCoop to work together, but clearly we are not there yet.)

Merci Michel. It seems that

Merci Michel. It seems that the link re-directs automatically now, but we will fix it in other instances.

Apologies that it had not been translated yet. It has been sent for translation, but the last minute nature meant that we sent out the initial annoucement before the translation was done. My apologies again. Normally all our messages destined for Montreal and Quebec are translated before being sent out. 

Does it work, if so...


If this /occupy platform/webpage works, can you give us the proper URL.


Michael (on

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