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The Media Co-op is in need of new Directors and Resolutions!

Get involved with the governance structure of your favorite anti-government media co-op! It’s fun to be on the board and writing resolutions will get you more friends!

by The Media Co-op

The Media Co-op is in need of new Directors and Resolutions!

The Media Co-op is planning our 2013 AGM for Thursday, October 17 at 6pm (EST) in Montreal, with local meet-ups around the country.  Members can participate via phone and online. More details on how to participate will be available shortly.

In the meantime, we invite the general membership of the Media Co-op to get engaged:

1.    Call out for resolutions!

As a member, you can submit a resolution for the membership to consider and vote on. Resolutions can range from changes to the by-laws, organizational structure, decision-making processes, membership, endorsements or political statements.  Please read the by-laws for more information.

These resolutions should be within the scope of activities of the national board and staff - please don't submit resolutions pertaining to local media co-op activities.

If you have a resolution you would like the membership to consider, please submit a copy of it by:

Thursday  Sept. 26 at 5pm (EST) – please send it to

Please ensure to include:

  • contact name and email for the main mover of the motion
  • names and contacts for five members who also need to support the motion (provided in writing)

If you are thinking about submitting a resolution, please feel free to get in touch with Board Development Committee by writing to info [at]  

2.     Call out for new Board of Directors!

Interested in running for the board? Please submit your nomination and a 200-word explanation of why you rock, along with a photo of yourself (optional) to info [at] by Thurs. Sept. 26 at 5pm (EST). Elections will take place during the AGM. We'll post your photo and write-up on the site to introduce you to our other members before the AGM.

More information:

We have four positions open for the National Board of Directors. Responsibilities as a Director include:

  • Monthly Directors meetings over the phone (around 2 hours a meeting)
  • Being active on at least two committees (Finance, Fundraising, Board Development, Staff Liaison). Ad-hoc committees may be created when needed
  • Ensuring Media Co-op By-laws are followed
  • Being responsible for finance, policy and staffing decisions of the organization
  • Being active in fundraising and membership outreach initiatives
  • 8 – 10 hours of work a month including meeting times
  • Being able to coordinate and communicate across the country – this means a lot of time over g-chat and skype with other board members and staff 
  • Commitment to anti-oppression practice and media activism

Current openings are for:

  • Toronto Media Co-op Local representative
  • Montreal Media Co-op Local representative
  • Halifax Media Co-op Local representative
  • Editor representative

Interested in being the Editor Representative on the Board of Directors?

Managing Editor Members have worked (not necessarily paid work) at least 10 hours per week for the Co-op for three months before becoming a member. To maintain their membership, Managing Editors must have day-to-day involvement with The Dominion, Media Co-op and/or Local Co-ops with breaks away from the paper lasting no more than three months, unless a formal exemption for up to six months as approved by the Board.

Interested in being a Local Representative on the Board of Directors?

Local Reps are current members of one of our four locals (Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal or Halifax) who wish to work on coordinating between groups in their city's local, as well as on helping to build and fortify the national Media Co-op network. We are seeking enthusiastic local reps as we expand our board, with the goal of bringing fresh new perspectives and energy to the organization.

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