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Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island citizen journalists, social and environmental justice advocates

Zoe Blunt 6 1 Request membership
Rural Halifax

Contrary to popular belief, Halifax is not just about the downtown core or even Dartmouth or Bedford.

winnie 8 2 Join
Provincial Government Incompetence

Commentary and analysis of waste found within the Provincial government.

rholmans 13 4 Join
Federal Government Incompetence

Examples and discussions on various forms of waste found within the federal government.

rholmans 15 6 Join
Free Trade & Gateway Projects

Canada & Global Trade

dawn 33 9 Join
Baby Animals

Baby Animal profiling

Maya 4 9 Join
Emancipatory Education

Discussion and organization around issues in formal and informal education

Joanne Costello 15 9 Join
Copy Editing

Building a grassroots style guide.

Moira Peters 2 13 Join
Poverty Elimination

Open to suggestions - but particularly interested in trying to hold provincial government accountable for new Provincial Strategy to Eliminate Poverty

winnie 40 15 Join
Toronto News

News going on in and around the Greater Toronto Area

Gwalgen Dent 149 18 Join
Halifax News

Organizing coverage in Halifax

dru 172 26 Join

Commentary and analysis of the policies and actions associated with government

rholmans 134 27 Join

Grassroots coverage in Winnipeg

dru 29 Join
Maine Media Working Group

A media CoOp for and by Mainers, currently run out of Portland but attempting to service the whole state

ajhbriggs 79 Join

Grassroots media outlet for Saskatchewan communities

SandraCuffe 122 98 Join
Durban 2011

Coverage from COP17 and the world's response to failing climate talks.

dru 49 100 Join

For coverage and discussion in Calgary

dru 64 154 Join
Grève | Strike

Couverture de la grève étudiante au Québec. Coverage of the student strike in Quebec and related actions.

dru 122 159 Join
People's Social Forum / Forum social des peuples

Coverage of the PSF-FSP in Ottawa

dru 31 165 Join

News and discussion in Edmonton

dru 33 171 Join

For people reporting and making media in and around Sudbury

grassrootssudbu... 403 183 Join

For coverage and discussion in the Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation

dru 2 184 Join
London, Ontario

London-specific material

Toban Black 120 221 Join

Coverage from Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island

dru 100 307 Join
Rural Vitality

Rural issues, policy, action.

Moira Peters 9 380 Join

history, geopolitics, and socioeconomics of sports

Testing256 17 380 Join

A look at the June '09 coup and its aftermath

dawn 56 394 Join

News, analysis and commentary of interest to the Ottawa-Gatineau region

Crystel 180 395 Join

Critical perspectives on the aftermath of the January 12, 2010 earthquake

Moira Peters 30 410 Join
2010 Olympics

Working group for the sharing of information about the 2010 Olympics.

dawn 331 448 Join

For the discussion of immigration and refugees

dru 65 502 Join
Montreal Stories

Discuss Montreal story ideas

dru 166 561 Join
Idle No More

A place for coverage of ongoing Idle No More protests.

dru 225 717 Join

including physical and mental

winnie 114 815 Join
Disability and Accessibility

Focusing on events and issues pertaining to disability and accessibility issues in Halifax

trouble 53 847 Join
Media Analysis

Covering corporate coverage

dru 377 921 Join

Coordination and discussion of video work across the Media Co-op network

dru 472 934 Join

News, from reproductive rights to new paths to pleasure

Maya 49 1,004 Join

Farming and food production

dru 43 1,076 Join
Media Co-op Updates

News and updates from the Media Co-op

dru 179 1,350 Join

Democratically run economic entities

dru 257 1,389 Join
Original Peoples

People interested in the Original Peoples section of the Dominion, and similar coverage

dru 453 1,427 Join
Canadian Foreign Policy

Military, CIDA, NGOs, Embassies, Corporations

dru 403 1,521 Join

Pollution, destruction, change, sustainability

dru 643 1,870 Join
Dominion Stories

Ideas and work on stories to be published in the Dominion.

dru 1,441 6,020 Join
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