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Ottawa Working Group

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The Ottawa Working Group of the Media Co-op hopes to provide a vibrant hub of independent and alternative news, analysis and commentary to the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

The OWG-MC intends to provide access to all independent contributors from the Ottawa-Gatineau region and to all contributors wishing to provide content for the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Contributions can be in any language.

Freedom of expression is our first priority, even for unpopular or politically incorrect views. We believe that open debate is the best antidote for views and opinions that are judged to be incorrect.

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Posts in Ottawa

March 13, 2012 • Media Co-op

Quebec students strike back

The University of Ottawa shows support to Quebec Students

» Story: by Crystel Hajjar

March 3, 2012 • Media Co-op

The Cyber Police

Birth of SOPA and PIPA means the death of the Internet

» Story: by Alexa Keeler

February 24, 2012 • Media Co-op

It’s Official

Leaked documents reveal Harper government’s active targeting of anti-oil sands organizations

» Story: by Adam Kostrich

January 31, 2012 • Media Co-op

L'éducation est un droit

» Story: by Roxanne Dubois

January 18, 2012 • Media Co-op

Mr Minister: I might be a radical but so are you!

» Blog: posted by Crystel

January 5, 2012 • Coop Média de Montréal

Entrevue avec Denis G. Rancourt sur les fondements de son combat à l'Université d'Ottawa (première partie)

» Download audio file 'drf1.ogg' (12.9MB)

If you are unable to listen to this file, visit to download a compatible player.
» Listen:

January 1, 2012 • Vancouver Media Co-op

Anti-racist and anti-violence proscriptions enable oppression

» Blog: posted by Denis Rancourt - 1 comments

November 23, 2011 • Media Co-op

Occupy Ottawa 2am eviction - audio report w/ interviews

8 arrested, 1 hospitalized, park barricaded

» Listen: by greg macdougall - 2 comments

November 22, 2011 • Media Co-op

“Banned on the Hill”

Ottawa art exhibit highlights government interference in environmental education

» Story: by Crystel Hajjar

November 19, 2011 • Media Co-op

Teach-Ins: an Alternative Way to Occupy

Ottawa-based academics utilize the format of the teach-in to encourage discussion on the Occupy Movement.

» Story: by Sharrae Lyon - 1 comments

November 12, 2011 • Toronto Media Co-op

Institutions build hierarchy between politico-cultural re-normalizations

» Blog: posted by Denis Rancourt - 2 comments

November 7, 2011 • Media Co-op

Campus Rally Against Racism

Students Protest Carleton University’s Sponsorship of JNF Fundraiser

» Story: by Andy Crosby - 1 comments

November 6, 2011 • Toronto Media Co-op

A Dispatch From Occupy Ottawa

» Story: by Owen Sheppard

November 3, 2011 • Media Co-op

Paying for Being Homeless

The Criminalization of Poverty in Ottawa

» Story: by Lana Bateman - 1 comments

October 19, 2011 • Media Co-op

"Make the Rich Pay"

Occupy Ottawa takes streets again, further actions planned

» Story: by Andy Crosby - 1 comments

October 17, 2011 • Media Co-op

Occupy Ottawa update (Mon, Oct. 17)

» Blog: posted by The Leveller

October 16, 2011 • Media Co-op

See video

Occupy Ottawa hits the streets after setting up camp

» Video: Watch by Andy Crosby
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