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Montréal Teach-In Solidarité #IdleNoMore 2013-01-06

by blogocram

Montreal Teach In Rally - Solidarity Event for Idle No More 2013-01-06 - Montréal Teach-In Solidarité #IdleNoMore

Montréal 06 janvier 2013 - Montréal Teach-In Solidarité #IdleNoMore


Montreal Teach In Rally - Solidarity Event for Idle No More

This is an Peaceful, Respectful, All Ages Friendly Learning and Sharing Event :o)

January 6th 2013 at 1pm
Confirmed venue is:
The Y in Pointe St-Charles. 255 Ash Street, Montreal, QC H3K 2R1 Phone:(514) 935-4711. Public Transit is Charlevoix Metro and bus 57 or 71. It is a couple blocks South of Wellington on the East (left) side of the street. One (longish) block up from the CLSC on the West (right) side of the street. Buses listed, I believe pass, in front of the building (if this info is incorrect, please let me know so I can update it).

This event is for coming together in Solidarity, First Nations and Non, and learning about what is happening, how it affects us all and why we should all CARE. Also on the program we have speakers coming to speak briefly on some of their cultures and/or traditions. We are grateful and honoured to be welcoming Sedalia Kawennotas Fazio, a Mowhawk Elder, who will be joining us to share traditional Opening and Closing Prayers for the Event.

Marie-Celine Einish has offered to share her Hawk Feather with us during the event as a 'Speaking Feather' to be passed from speaker to speaker as he or she speaks. This action is two-fold. For the representation of truth, as well as to help us all maintain respect when so much wonderful passion is involved. Thank you, Marie-Celine, we are grateful and honoured.

Lots of great speakers coming, though we still await confirmations, we are lucky to have so many people tryin to reorganize their schedules so last minute for this exciting event, and look forward to seeing many of them there. People like Melissa Mollen Dupuis, one of the organizers of the Idle No more - Quebec group confirmed; and the possibility of Chelsea Vowel! Others trying to make it are able to speak on many aspects, such as Bill C-45 and how this affects us all, what we can each do to be heard, and more.
After the speakers we hope to have enough time to hold either one large round dicussion or several smaller discussions allowing the group to break off into like minded people who can discuss the facets that most interest them and, perhaps, come together to plan action!
If drummmers/singers/dancers arrive for a spontaneous and fabulous Round Dance to a song or three, that would be a marvelous and bonding moment within the event for us all. And Fun. Round dances are fun!
Maybe we can even find out about what's being drummed and sung.... ;o)
Guess you'll just have to join us to find out!

There has been Tea (wildcraft and herbs) offered and being brought. There is 1 electric kettle and cups (eco friendly and sustainable). Some attendees have offered snacks, and we therefore are encouraging everyone to bring teas, teas herbs, hot drink mixes and or snacks of their own. But, please remember to bring enough to share at least with some if you do.

- Electric kettles for use at the event.
- Tea/etc and or snacks to share, if you can.
- Stir sticks and or spoons, milk(s), cream, sugar, sweetner (can it be natural like stevia or raw honey or maple syrup?) for any hot drinks.
- Red Feathers and small safety pins.
- Pillows or blankets to sit on - we will be meeting in a large gym and gathering in a circle on the floor. I will have chairs made available for those who are unable to sit on or rise from the floor to sit around in a second circle if necessary.
- Your Family & Friends!
- You!!

Join and Invite Friends, Family, Colleagues,... The more who know, the more will come. The more that come, the more who will know. And on, and on, and.... ;o)

*IF you can't make it but wish you could... click 'maybe' and then invite all your fb friends ;o)

We would like to start again by thanking Sedalia Kawennotas Fazio and Marie-Celine Einish. Thank those who have stepped forward already to make donations to offset the costs of the event (hard copy programs, space rental) there is $100 we still need to raise to cover the rental of the space we will be sharing in. We are grateful to have been offered a discount normally reserved for Non-Profit and Chritable Organizations with Official Status in Solidarity with the movement, we would like to thank the Pointe-St-Charles Y, and Isabelle Marcotte for helping us make the arrangements. Thank you also to Richard of OnGreen GoSolutions who not only made donations for Programs and Space, he has provided us with the eco friendly & sustainable cups we will be using for tea. He also put us in contact with his Son, Robert of Kwik Kopy, who has been generous and given us a very fair cost covering price to help organize and print eco friendly programs for the event. Thank you Robert. Of course we would like to thank Idle No More - Quebec for supporting the event; Idle No More, the Original Four for giving birth to a peaceful and respectful uprising long overdue; To Chief Spence and others fasting, dying, not just for their own people, they are fasting with their hearts and spirits for all of us, that we might wake up and see/feel the pain and suffering that is here with us, too. To help us know we can change it. To everyone who is helping make this event a success and to all who are helping make Idle No More a success, we, and I am grateful to you all.

Respect and Solidarity.
Resilience and persistence!

If you have any questions; or would like to stay updated on events I am planning and or involved with, please contact me via fb
or via email
(nb emails sent to will , right now, get lost in a flurry of activity. For this event please use the one given above. Thank you.)

I think Canadians are, person by person, a good, compassionate and loving people, and I do believe, that while so many of us have, remained utterly unaware until recently, once we know better, we will, do better.

This, Third World Living Conditions, Inherent and Human Rights abuses, Extreme oppression and what has been called an attempt at eradication of not just one but many Nations of People's is NOT
MY Canada!!!

We are a patient and forgiving People, us Canadians,
but the time has come.
Let us stand together in Solidarity to say Out Loud,

We will be, Idle No More.

Thank you to everyone making efforts to be heard right now, gratitude :o)

Information Links

- Idle No More

- On Facebook
Idle No More - Quebec Group
Idle No More - Official Group
JRockman Art

On Twitter

On Youtube
Chief Theresa Spence - Interview December 2012; 8 day into Hunger Strike
Chief Theresa Spence - Short Interview December 21st; middle of week two of Hunger Strike
Nasa Nation in Columbia, Rallying and declaring Solidarity with the Idle No More movement. Yes, this is, it's going worldwide!
CBC At Issue - all agreeing?!? Yup!
*Video not on YouTube
CTV Chief Theresa Spence - Interview December 27th, 2012

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Constitution Acts 1867 - 1982

Bill C-45

Great Article (with additional links) showing how much and where about the $$, so we can know the truth!

Avaaz Community Petition

Open Letter from Amnesty International asking Prime Minister Harper to meet with Chief Spence
Open Letter from Marc Garneau asking Prime Minister Harper to meet with Chief Spence
Open Letter from The United Church of Canada asking Prime Minister Harper to meet with Chief Spence
Open Letter from the David Suzuki Foundation asking Prime Minister Harper to meet with Chief Spence
Open Letter from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers asking Prime Minister Harper to meet with Chief Spence
*There are many more letters to be found out there (i.e. the Ontario Labour Federation; and the National Union of Public & General Employees), and many more being written every day, Please join them, and ask any businesses you deal with, organizations you're involved in, celebrities and/or media personalities you know to join in (yes, Roseanne Barr already tweeted Prime Minister Harper to meet Chief Spence about her concerns!), you can make a difference today.

An interesting little something from Pam Palmater

Go Ahead, email & CALL & WRITE Stephen Harper, let him know you want him to meet with Chief Spence:
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Telephone: 613-992-4211
Fax: 613-941-6900
altern email:


1600 90th Avenue Southwest, suite A-203
Calgary, Alberta
T2V 5A8
Telephone: 403-253-7990 Fax: 403-253-8203

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