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Dec 5, 2013
Hussan: Campaigns too often exclude undocumented

S.K. Hussan organizes against migrant detention and deportations, for access to services for undocumented people and in support of indigenous sovereignty.
Beyond Stop Harper

Too many of the ‘Stop Harper’ campaigns leave those of us on the outside by the wayside.

Too much of the organizing against E.I. cuts, or ‘right to work’ legislation, or to ‘stop’ climate change shoves aside migrant and undocumented people who have no E.I., effectively live under ‘right to work’ legislation and have been pushed out of our homes by capitalism and imperialism.

As many panelists have argued, we must not simply stop or reverse the changes Harper made, we must take, transform and create for those of us that were never included or don't wish to be included. Our voices must soar as polyphony that too often ring hollow in shallow individuality or false unity. 

At the same time our struggles must be rooted in the material needs of our communities and encompass a global solidarity. Inspired by Indigenous land defenders, we must build new relationships with the land; where we belong to it, not it to us. 

As for when those in power hound us for our votes, let us give them little, and take what we can. But let us stay focused on our visions - our dreams cannot fit in ballot boxes.


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