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An eyewitness account of a police officer attacking a teen and brutally beating him.

by John Coy

On March 15 at approximately 5:30pm on the west-north corner of Sherbrooke and St-Urbain I saw a plane-clothed police officer knock unconscious and then processed to brutally beat a young underage protester holding a found or stolen police shield

The incident begins while I was walking southbound on the west side of St-Urbain toward the Sherbrooke intersection. I saw a group of rowdy young high school aged kids some looking like punks blocking the Sherbrooke , St-Urbain intersection.

Soon after, I looked right just in-time to see a jovial looking high-scholar punk holding a police shield get attacked from behind, and stabbed in the stomach with what looked like a electroshock weapon but what could have been a medium-small sized knife. He let out a screaming “No” and then collapse on the ground. The plane-clothed police officer with a bizarre smile then proceeded to stomp on the child repeatedly, his point-man dressed as a punk then moved threateningly towards the crowd in the intersection.

The seen happened on the sidewalk between a parked care and a red brick building.

I believe there is probably security video of the incident, ether the Residences Universitaires UQAM security videos or maybe the security cameras of the red bricked building at the corner of St Urbain and Sherbrooke. My French is not at a level where I can communicate well with security guards or administration types the need to release this type of footage to the media.

Pleas if you or any one you know would be willing to help get this footage to the media pleas contact the UQAM people and urge them to release the footage.

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I am a photojournalist. "With a hart."... not.

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up date on: police officer attacking attacking a teen

From looking at the security camera which is at the entrance of a Quebec government building at the corner of St-Urbain and Sherbrook , because of the angle it may not have actually captured all the action. But it defiantly got enough footage of the incident to imply the police officers involvement.

From its bird’s eye view the camera would have recorded a shot of a kid carrying a police shield. Then a plane-clothed police officer running after the kid with a weapon. Any action would have been in the periphery of the cameras view if at all.


I think the only hope of this getting out is if a journalist backed by a major news paper or TV takes interested gets a hold of the tape. If you know one let me know.

This is a map of the intersection. The building with the camera is in the lower left hand corner.


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