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Enbridge Making Massive Donation To Regina Art Gallery

Could Mackenzie Art Gallery Become Dependent On Oil Money?

by Daniel Johnson

As a regular visitor to the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina's south end, I've noticed that over the years they have had many great exhibits that dwell on environmental issues, it's a common theme in Mackenzie exhibits, actually.

So I was very disturbed by the Mackenzie's press release that came out last week announcing the 'largest corporate sponsership in it's history' from Enbridge. 

 $250,000 over 5 years could buy a lot of influence. 

Enbridge has used it's money to make a lot of inroads in Saskatchewan, they are "Diamond Plus" sponsers of the South Saskatchewan First Responders, the Educational Outreach Sponser for the Globe Theater, and the Regina Police Service revealed in it's last annual report that they were the recipient of a donation of $10,000 in 2013, from the Enbridge Safe Community Program to buy new gas detectors. 



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