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No Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion! No Coastal Gaslink LNG Pipeline!

No Pipelines on Unceded Indigenous Territories!

by Billie Pierre

Press Release
October 1, 2018
Unceded Nlaka'pamux Territory
“Merritt BC”.
No Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion!
No Coastal Gaslink LNG Pipeline!
No Pipelines on unceded Indigenous territories!
My name is Billie Pierre and I'm from unceded Nlaka'pamux territory in so-called “Merritt BC”. I've been loosely working with people from my nation, and beyond to oppose the Trans Mountain expansion project. I'm writing this letter, as a person, and not with a group in order to publicize this faster.
Last night I was notified by an Nlaka'pamux person, who had just driven the one-hour drive from Kamloops BC to Merritt BC on Highway 5A, that they saw 44 trucks carrying pipelines and loads covered with black tarps driving towards Kamloops. They also passed a brake-stop where over 20 trucks were parked. This is an extremely high number of trucks to be seen on the highway despite their everyday presence.
There has been continued activity recorded of pipeline trucks driving along the highways, evidence of soil testing, and contractors and their vehicles seen along the expansion route, despite the Federal Court of Appeals overturning the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project's approval on August 30, 2018. In fact, before that decision, 200 Canadian soldiers were stationed in Merritt BC “to fight forest fires”. Their camp was set up in Merritt behind the Walmart, from August 17, 2018-September 7 2018. Kinder Morgan had intended to begin the expansion project in September, and it is entirely possible that the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had planned to declare a State of Emergency and have the military in place to guard the Trans Mountain expansion project along the route from any protesting Indigenous group or any other group.
We see trucks everyday on the Coquihalla Highways and the Highway 5A. Again, I don't know anyone else whose seen upwards of 60 trucks in a one-hour period. It is entirely possible that the pipeline material is intended for the Coastal Gaslink LNG line from Dawson Creek BC to Kitamat BC. The elected First Nations, and the investment partners have all approved the Kitimat LNG Canada terminal. LNG Canada which is made up of Shell, Malaysia’s Petroliam Nasional Bhd, Mitsubishi Corp., PetroChina Co. and Korea Gas Corp., will announce their final investment decision as early as today.
This is a notice to anyone opposing any and all pipelines, to keep an eye on those highways along both the Trans Mountain and proposed Coastal Gaslink pipeline routes. For any work being done along the Trans Mountain pipeline route between Hope BC and Kamloops BC, please email . Regarding any other territories along any of these pipeline routes, I imagine everyone out there fighting these projects would find it acceptable that supporters document and post footage and photos, with time and location, on social media.
All My Relations
Billie Pierre

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