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Continued Support and Solidarity with the Morong 43 Health Workers

by JR Guerrero

On December 10, while the President of the Philippines, Noynoy Aquino, instructing the Department of Justice to withdraw charges against the 43, the health workers remain incarcerated.  For over 10 month, they live in fear, anxiety, subjet to torture, intimidation, forced confessions, sickness, and in deplorable living conditions. As an act of desparation, the detainees have started a hunger strike on December 3. While we Canadians benefit from the thousands of medical practitioners streaming in from the Philippines to look after our children, elderly, and the sick, Stephen Harper's government watches from the sideline.

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Topics: Solidarity

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i have taken time off from my youth work to focus on filmmaking. i am teaching myself the many layers of muti media, i at some point would like to be on the cutting edge of technology and communications. i would like to someday use these skills to help empower the many communities that i belong. i am scheduled to go to south america for a 3 month film and volunteer excursion trip in january 2011, and use this experience to enrich my knowledge and experience with community work from a global perspective.

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