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Interview with Kary Ann Deer

on the third anniversary of Mohawk woman Tiffany Morrison's disappearance

by No One Is IllegalMaya Rolbin-Ghanie

Tiffany Morrison
Tiffany Morrison
Kary Ann Deer
Kary Ann Deer

June 18, 2009 marks the 3rd anniversary of the disappearance of Mohawk woman Tiffany Morrison from Kahnawake, Quebec. Community members, supporters from nearby Montreal, and a coalition of human rights groups will gather for a memorial walk and candlelight vigil on Thursday June 18, 8pm, at the Grounds beside the K103 Radio Station in Kahnawake. In the event of rain it will be at the Legion Hall nearby. If you are leaving from Montreal there are two buses leaving Angrignon station at 7pm, and return at 10:30pm. To reserve a spot on a bus, please contact Kary Ann Deer at Quebec Native Women Inc (450)632-0088 ext.221.

More information on Tiffany’s disappearance is available at Amnesty International Canada’s Website at:

Sisters in Spirit will be hosting a workshop on Wednesday, June 17 5:30 pm at the Golden Age Club in Kahnawake, located next door to K103 Radio. A light meal will be served at 5:00 pm. It will be an opportunity for community members to discuss and strategize on the issues surrounding missing Aboriginal women.

Tiffany, a mother in her twenties, is one of more than 500 Indigenous women who have been murdered or gone missing in Canada since 1980. The June 2009 edition of No One Is Illegal Radio features an interview with Kary Ann Deer of Quebec Native Women (QNW), who is also a community member and a vigil organizer.

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Tiffany Morrison Candlelite Vigil

Greetings To All,

I just wanted to make a note that as a participant, friend and supporter of such a cause it is so extremely significant for people to make themselves aware of the facts where Missing Native Women are concerned. Though there were a decent amount of numbers of supporters that showed up to part-take in this March I hope for the Morrison Family the momentum gathers and raises by huge numbers. Larger crowds will make for a louder acknowledgement. It is TIME to be heard and force the hands of people in positions of Power to do do whatever they must in order to bring the people involved in this young womans dis-appearance to justice and to give the Morrison Family peace of mind. Three years and counting is an extremely neglectful and needless to say ridculous amount of time to have lapsed without having been seen, heard, or assisted in getting this story out to the public via the media. People please open up your hearts to this Family and create noise by way of support in order to bring this case to the forefront, with the intention of forcing an elaborate investigation re-visiting any, all information and any possible suspect involvement.