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Groundwire ~ Dec. 18 - Jan 1.

Grassroots news from people on the ground, coast-to-coast-to-coast

by GroundWire


-Youth expect "greenwash" following UN Summit on Climate Change at Copenhagen [Rhiya Trevedi - Canadian Youth Delegation]

-Uranium mining ceases near Sept-Iles, Quebec following mass mobilization of community [Fabian Ebeling/Jesara Sinclair - CKUT/]

-On International Migrants Day, Philippine community group PINAY protests the exclusion of domestic workers from health and safety compensation laws [David Koch - CKUT]

-Following two hunger strikes, Mohammed Mahjoub remains the sole prisoner in the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre [Fabian Ebeling, CKUT and Kavita Bissoondial, CFRC]

-Province of Ontario pays Platinex Inc. $5 million to stop platinum exploration following direct action by KI First Nation [Courtney Kirkby, CKUT]


-Community radio and community television have a rare opportunity for collaboration at the upcoming CRTC hearings. Catherine Edwards of CACTUS (Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations) about their multiplatform community media proposal [Jacky Tuinstra Harrison, CHRY]


-Twelve months after the Gaza War, Nina Amrov reflects on progress of movements opposing the occupation of Gaza by the Israeli military [Aaron Lakoff, CKUT]

-Marko Bok, president of the Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities, discusses the obstacles to, and economic benefits of, disabled people's involvement in the workforce [Michael Slack and Paul Daniel, Voiceprint]

-Sex workers and their allies march in Montreal to mark the 7th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers [Fabian Ebeling and Dee LeComte, CKUT]

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Technical Production: David Koch, Courtney Kirkby, and Fabian Ebeling at CKUT Radio Montreal]

Music By: Cheri Maracle (White Belt) and Esmerine (title unknown, recorded by David Koch at Artists Against Apartheid VIII at La Sala Rossa, June 2009]

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