CKUT's Morning After: McGill Students to Launch Strike Movement January 24

Jan 18, 2012

CKUT's Morning After: McGill Students to Launch Strike Movement January 24

 The AUS Mobilization Committee has collected and submitted hundreds of
 signatures in support of a General Assembly of the Society on Tuesday,
 January 24, 2012. This GA represents an essential first step toward a
 student strike at McGill in opposition to the Quebec government’s planned
 tuition hike.

 Several critical motions will be on the agenda. The GA will debate and
 vote on giving the AUS a mandate to join the Coalition large de
 l’Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (CLASSE), a
 Quebec-wide coalition of student associations that have joined together to
 fight the tuition hike this winter. Joining CLASSE will give McGill students
 a voice in the upcoming struggle to block the $1625 tuition hike, including
 when negotiations begin between CLASSE and the government.

 Another motion would have the AUS take an official position in support of
 free education and against all tuition hikes. This stance is a requirement
 for joining CLASSE and, further, will signal to the McGill administration
 and their allies in the Quebec government that Arts students reject the
 commodification of education and will defend accessible education for all.

 Finally, students will debate a motion to mandate the AUS to recognize a
 Strike Committee empowered to prepare the Society for a strike vote by
 producing and disseminating information on the tuition hike and on an
 unlimited general strike, holding consultative forums, and updating the
 membership on its progress via weekly listserv emails. Once 50,000 Quebec
 students are on strike, the AUS Strike Committee would have the power to
 call a strike vote upon collecting 200 signatures.

 The General Assembly on Jan. 24 will occur a week before Arts students
 vote in a referendum to amend the AUS Constitution to make the General
 Assembly the supreme governing body of the Society, so that the AUS meets
 the eligibility requirements of CLASSE. The AUS Mobilization Committee aims
 to confirm AUS adherence to CLASSE at the CLASSE Congress of Feb. 4-5.

This interview originally aired on CKUT's Wednesday Morning After, January 18, 7-9h.