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Montreal Women Lock Down to Blockade Tar Sands Pipelines

Interview with Alyssa Symons-Bélanger

by Aaron Lakoff

Montreal Women Lock Down to Blockade Tar Sands Pipelines

At around 6:30am on October 7, four women locked themselves to the games of a Suncor oil refinery in Montreal's east end to take direct action against the tar sands and Enbridge's Line 9 pipeline. Enbridge is hoping to reverse the flow of Line 9 by November 1st in order to bring tar sands Bitumen from the west towards the east. However, a series of direct actions in the last couple months along the pipeline's route in Ontario and Quebec might be causing this oil transportation company some problems.

CKUT's Aaron Lakoff was reporting live on the scene when the blockade occurred, and spoke with a spokesperson Alyssa Symons-Bélanger about the group's motivations on the Tuesday Morning After Show.

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