MEDIA RELEASE: Sudbury and Nickel Belt Green Party Candidates Welcome Ontario Medical Association’s Cycling Safety Report

Aug 24, 2011

MEDIA RELEASE: Sudbury and Nickel Belt Green Party Candidates Welcome Ontario Medical Association’s Cycling Safety Report

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August 15, 2011




Sudbury and Nickel Belt Greens Welcome Ontario Medical Association’s Cycling Safety Report


SUDBURY –  Green Party of Ontario nominated candidates Pat Rogerson (Sudbury) and Stephanie-Lynn Russell welcomed a report issued by the Ontario Medical Association on August 10, 2011, which called for a greater provincial role in making cycling safer and more accessible for all Ontarians.  The report, “Enhancing Cycling Safety in Ontario” makes a number of recommendations which would lead to a healthier population through the creation of a better cycling environment.


“I applaud the Ontario Medical Association for the timely release of this report,” said Rogerson.  “The OMA has drawn a sensible link between physical fitness, the health of Ontarians and investing in safe transportation infrastructure for cyclists.  The provincial government can and should be doing a lot more to make it easier for people of all ages to make a healthy and sustainable choice to cycle safely in their communities.”


The report calls for both provincial and municipal levels of government to do more to make cycling safer.  The report targets the need for provincial policy, programs and dedicated funding to support the creation of necessary cycling infrastructure.  Suburban and rural cycling routes must be included in any healthy cycling transportation system, in order to provide linkages for cyclists.


“Bike lanes, whether they’re on our city’s streets, or dedicated trails, provide an opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle,” said Russell. “Healthy leisure and commuting activities which do not rely on the use of fossil fuels are key if we are going to reduce emissions, and gridlock on our city streets.  The OMA recognizes that a safe and seamless network for bikes is critical if parents are going to feel comfortable enough to allow their children to cycle in our communities.”


The Green Party of Ontario’s 5-point plan for Ontario’s future calls for the implementation of a sustainable transportation plan to reduce gridlock and lessen the impact of fuel prices.  The Green Party of Ontario would work with municipal governments to promote efficient, liveable communities where streets and roads are safe for all users, including cyclists. 



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“It’s Time: a five-point plan for Ontario’s future” is available for download at:




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