Turn up the heat: Contribute to The Dominion's Climate Justice special issue

Dec 3, 2010

Turn up the heat: Contribute to The Dominion's Climate Justice special issue

If you haven't heard yet, our next special issue of The Dominion will be on Climate Justice. We're looking for for conributors for this issue, and pitches are due in 2 weeks. Read on for all the details.



In March, The Dominion will turning up the heat with our next special issue, focussing on climate justice, and we’re on the prowl for content.

We’re looking for stories – articles, infographics, photo essays – that explore the challenges folks are facing in the fight against climate change, and the meaningful solutions people are creating. We’re looking to publish a strong mix of stories with first hand accounts of impacts from front line communities, and to concretely imagine what “system change, not climate change,” a slogan made popular at the COP-15 in Denmark, might mean.

We are looking for stories with a Canadian angle, but strong international pieces will also be considered. Priority is given to pieces exploring under-reported struggles, or using new angles to understand a longstanding issue.

To find out more about the special issue, click here: www.mediacoop.ca/group/2922/discuss/5273

Check out our writer’s guide for suggested topics and details about writing for The Dominion:


To pitch your story, fill out the form on this page (please make sure to include CLIMATE JUSTICE in the header of your pitch):


If you do not have a Media Co-op account (which you can also use to post photos, audio, video and stories directly to the Media Co-op site), you’ll need to set one up:


The Dominion / Media Co-op will pay $100 for accepted stories. Articles are either 750 or 1500 words (one to two pages).Editors reserve the right to suggest changes and edit stories (with your participation, of course!). Pitches should capture the content, tone and style of the story you plan to submit; if the content submitted differs significantly from the pitch, editors reserve the right to withhold payment.

Deadline for pitches: December 15
Response to pitches: December 20
First draft deadline for accepted articles: Jan. 19*
Final draft deadline: Feb. 16*
(All deadlines are 5pm EST*)
*Deadlines subject to the discretion of the editor