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Producing video

To date, the Co-op has not devoted significant financial resources to video.
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Video/Audio - More Attractive Medium


Audio or video are easier formats to connect to. Seeing a talking person or hearing the tone of voice is something that can definitelly engage more viewers. Reading takes more intellectual work to comprehend. I think the Media Co-op has to move towards the medium that majority of viewers prefer.

Also, having a presence on Youtube would definitelly attract more members. So let's go with more video/audio!

What would editorial process look like?


I think more video on the site would be awesome, but is something that might (for the moment) be best supported by locals with the funding & resources they receive through the MC. Right now, the paid pitches which the national editorial collective solicits are text articles for the Dominion magazine, which then also get posted to the website. The articles go through a fairly involved editorial process, with two editors, fact checking and copy-editing.

My questions are, what would an editorial process look like for video -- ie. a process to ensure quality, check facts, etc., as we do for paid articles? What would it mean to start paying for content that only appears online (video, audio), and can't appear in the Dominion magazine?

At a national level I don't see funding video projects as something that's super feasible right now, given our limited finances, and our lack of editorial structure for dealing with audio/video.

If people are stoked on supporting more video production, I wonder if there's a middle ground. For instance: not soliciting monthly pitches for video, but having a small fund for special projects (whether that's audio, video pieces or something else) which people could pitch to us a once or twice a year.

Video wil drive traffic through the site


I'm glad this is an item to be voted on. If the MC funds original reports, it will drive more traffic through the site. Let's get on this!