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How Many is 520?

Calling All Women!

Sunday January 3 2010

Venue: CRAB Park
Address: the foot of Main street, at the Memorial Marker
Cost: free

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As many of you know, the government is using the number of 520 Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women across Canada, although we know the numbers are probably much higher. Tina House is shooting, producing, writing, reporting and editing a half hour episode on the serious issue of the 520 Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women in Canada. The episode is number eight out of eleven and it airs nationally on January 15th, 2010.

To share the gravity of how many women are either murdered or missing, she is trying to arrange 520 women volunteers, wearing black, to stand with their backs toward the camera to show viewers just how huge this number is.

All women are invited to participate in this project.

The filming will be on January 3 at CRAB Park. Which is at the foot of Main Street, across the blue overpass; there is a parking lot across from the park; look for the Memorial Marker where women will be gathering. Please arrive at 2:30 pm, the filming will be from 3 pm to 4 pm. Please wear all black.

Bring your organization's banners and posters!

Please call to leave your name and contact information at Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, 604.872.8212. It’s important to sign up so that we know and keep track of the numbers of women who have signed up and are planning to come. Also invite your female friends and relatives to join us – have them call to sign up as well.

Organizer:Tina House at OR Vancouver Rape Relief 604.872.8212

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