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Cannabis Dispensaries Closing In Regina As Police Crackdown Looms

The Grass Station is the latest dispensary to shut down.

by Daniel Johnson

Cannabis Dispensary The Grass Station posted their closure announcemnent on Facebook
Cannabis Dispensary The Grass Station posted their closure announcemnent on Facebook

As a crackdown on cannabis dispensaries has been promised in the very near future by Chief Evan Bray of the Regina Police Service, some dispensaries are, sadly, already closing. 

The latest is The Grass Station on 15 Block McCara, who posted their closure announcent on Facebook on Jan. 24, 2018;

"It is with extremely heavy hearts we announce our upcoming closing. We thank everyone for the love and support you have given us. We truly believe we built a community that we could not be more proud of. We are deeply sorry that it has come to this and we certainly hope that we will meet again on the other side of this law. We wish all of you the best and hope the province can provide you with the relief you require.

From everyone at the Grass Station, thank you. We keep you posted on an official date of closing. We are however happy to announce Jane & Co. will remain open as a CBD retailer only."

The actions of the police allow control over the cannabis trade to remain with the gangs, increasing the likelihood of tainted cannabis on the streets and endangering the public. It is also puzzling, and ominously anti-democratic, as legalization is said to be around the corner and a clear majority of Saskatchewan residents are in favor of it. 

It is also part of a nation-wide trend as police are actively shutting down dispensaries across Canada in what appears to be an attempt to clear the market for companies run by political insiders prior to legalization taking effect. 

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