Canada Kills Native Women

Mar 7, 2014

Canada Kills Native Women

Kingston, ON—A group of about 10 people blocked traffic and handed out flyers on the Lasalle Causeway yesterday morning. We also flyered car windshields throughout downtown Kingston.

We took this action in solidarity with Tyendinaga Mohawks who are currently blockading Shannonville Road demanding a genuine inquiry into the murders and disappearances of Indigenous women across Canada.

The Tyendinaga blockade is part of a week of direct action that was promised by Mohawk activists if the federal government did not announce a public inquiry by the end of February.

Indigenous and feminist activists across the country have been fighting for over a decade for some kind of justice for the hundreds of native women who have gone missing or been killed.

The violence that Aboriginal women face is a direct result of historic and ongoing Canadian colonialism. If Canada were not founded on stolen Native land, these women would not be experiencing the poverty, racism, and neglect that allows these murders to happen and be ignored.

These campaigns are just a small part of many long and intense struggles for justice, land and self-determination that have been waged by native communities since the early days of Canadian settlement and  colonization.

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